FBI Doge blockchain cybersecurity expert

The cybersecurity system protects users from attacks on security holes on exchanges. You will be absolutely safe anywhere when using a browser with the FBI Doge extension!

Choose FBI Doge

Protect trading activity on all trading platforms


With Chrome and Chromium-based browsers

Protect trading

Any BEP20 Token

Security protocol

Protect, isolate and remove the hazards

Simple & Easy

Usability and Interface

What is FBI Doge?

Use direct blockade protocol when vulnerabilities are detected, FBI Doge purposeful blocking of suspicious activities based on this vulnerability then put the users in the safest area soon.

Use the protect protocols as Essential, OWASP, Wildcard, Extended Validation (EV), SQL injection, XSS, LDAP Injection, CSRF,…. And advanced security portals updated regularly. The action taken as soon as the user accesses the exchange. Timely and quickly!

Take action when detecting suspicious activity from a vulnerability like an FBI agent dealing with a crime. Detect - take the user to a safe area - isolate the hazard area - treat the hazard.

When using FBI Doge, users gain absolute confidence when trading on the exchanges.

What makes FBI Doge special?

FBI Doge Introduction

Experience trading like never before, absolute safety with FBI Doge!

Download FBI Doge extension

Join us by downloading the FBI Doge extension and installing it in your browser. Allow the extension to work even anonymously and enjoy. 

Trade on the exchanges

You are protected and can trade your tokens normally without worrying about being peeked by the bad guys through the security vulnerabilities anymore.

Customize trusted exchanges

Every exchange has vulnerabilities and is not 100% reliable. So it's better to let us protect you! But if you want, you can still use this feature at your own risk. 

FBI Doge RoadMap 22/23

Our Roadmap

Phase 1

Build Developer Team

Start making security protocol

Make the marketing plan

Contract development

Renounce ownership of the contract

Lock Tokens and Liquidity (No tokens for devs)

Phase 2

Website Launch

Whitepaper release

Build Community

Community competitions

Airdrop Campain


Audit contract

Influencer Cooperation

Phase 3

Presale launch

Pancakeswap listing

Beta extension release

CMC listing

Pre-launch marketing

Community build-up

Phase 4

FBI Doge database building

DEX, CEX listing

Cooperation with KOLs

Pre-launch marketing

Complete FBI Doge protection protocol

Secure access portal release

Phase 5

Official extension release

Perfecting the security protocol

Update roadmap

More Phases to be announced

FBI Doge Partners

Tokenomics & Whitepaper

Our Tokenomics have been planned meticulously to provide security to our investors and create strong buy pressure! Along with the introduction of powerful features of the FBI Doge Protocol, the marketing and buyback plans promise to increase the high value of FBI Doge tokens. 


Security protocol


Security protocol

Our whitepaper has further information on FBI Doge's aims and plans, so make sure you read over to fully understand how impressive the project really is!  

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